My foray into leather work was a fairly straightforward one. I challenged myself to take on a new hobby, and build a custom leather dog collar for my Doberman’s first birthday. Having no leather retailers in my state that I could go and see in person, the first 6 months was ordering material, some working, others I would have never known unless I was holding it in my hand. A lot of waiting on hardware deliveries. My first collar for Jäger was the Shotgun Basic, and from there leather work for me has become a cathartic output, allowing me to lose troubles while buried in my work.
Enter Firefighter accessories. I’ve been in the fire service for over 15 years in Central Jersey. For those here looking for dog collars and not in the know, firefighters love all things leather. Radio straps, glove straps, helmets, and leather couches to relax on after a good job.