Ridgeway’s Bio-Strap

$ 55.00

A Radio Strap with the same Ridgeway durability without the leather. Bio Radio Straps utilizes a synthetic material that offers both the ability to thoroughly decontaminate with cleaners without damaging the material, as well as superior weather resistance. Ridgeway’s BioStrap is non permeable and completely sealed from absorbing the elements.


Our bio radio strap is handcrafted and made to order for each customer. Hand cut from premium leather made for serious duty in all environments.

A Ridgeway Leatherworks custom radio strap stands above the rest.


  • We offer a lifetime warranty on all of our orders.  Our warranty covers all labor, parts, and return shipping. This warranty covers hardware and material failure not subject to normal wear and tear. Radio Straps are NOT life safety devices and should not be used as such.


Because no two people are alike, we offer the ability to get the strap exactly where you want it to be. There are three ways you can obtain an accurate measurement for your strap.

The first would be the use of a cloth measuring tape draped over your shoulder to mimic your radio strap positions.  While in place, pinch the measurement in a position of comfort and record your measurement.

Rather than a cloth measuring tape you may use a piece of string.  As with a measuring tape, drape it over your shoulder and pinch where ends of your radio strap would hang. Lay the string straight on the floor and mark the point in which you pinched the string. The overall measurement from end of the string to your mark would be the overall strap length.

Finally, you may lay existing leather radio straps down in a straight line and measure with a measuring tape from end to end including the hardware.

Also, we do offer the option to custom place your mic tab. The measurement we would need for custom mic tab placement would be from the front end of the strap(where it attaches to the radio holster), up to your chest or shoulder area you would like each mic loop to be.

Furthermore, if you do not see the color option available to suit your needs, feel free to ask for availability.

Additional information

Weight 1.75 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 6 in

Customer Reviews

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Great deal for the price!

I was looking for a radio strap that didn’t cost as much as a custom and would hold up better then leather and this didn’t disappoint!

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